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Special Guests/Panel

Introducing: The Global Interdependent Film Network

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Directors Panel


Mr. Willie Hall

Lecture: Music In Film

Among Mr. Hall's many Accomplishments He was a member of the Band that played the song that received the 1st. Academy Award by a Black Composer: Isaac Hayes for the Theme Song from the Movie: SHAFT.

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Concrete Wall

Bro. Delguan Colman

Directors Panel

Leaf Pattern Design
Parallel Lines

Bro. Jason Martin

Directors Panel


Bro. Erick Figueroa

Director Panel

 Sis. Xochitl Figueroa

Director Panel

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Aztec Dancers
Latino Film Night Guest 

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Bro. Rafael Figueroa
Latino Film Night Coordinator


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Image by Martin Martz

Ms. Nina Holley
Host:  Awards Ceremony  2023

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Mr. Frederick Hurt
Host:  Awards Ceremony 2023

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