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Film Showtimes

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The Full Listing for All 2022 Film Festival Events will be posted on 5/11/2022.

Additional Ticket Info:

Showtime tickets are not a separate purchase. If you only plan to attend a showtime during the festival and nothing else, then you will purchase the appropriate ticket: RED Single Event Ticket. If you plan to attend the entire festival, you will purchase the GOLD All Access Pass. If you plan to attend just for one day, then you will be purchasing a SILVER All Day Pass, but please be aware that the showtimes are only showing once during the day that it is scheduled. 

Example: Jasmine wants to see the movie, 'Dog City' but also wants to attend the Panel Discussion: The Business of Film and the Black Filmmaker. Dog City is showing 5/25/22, the Panel is on 5/26/22. Jasmine cannot attend the entire festival, so she purchases 2 RED Single Event Tickets granting her entry to the Panel and to the Global Film Showtimes to see Dog City. It was only $20.

Example: William is only off one day during the festival. So he purchases a SILVER All Day Pass to binge-watch every MidSouth Black Film Festival movie screening on 5/27/22 and want to attend the Festival Luncheon earlier that day as well. It was only $25. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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